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How to Turn Laundry Time Into

a Pleasant and Worthwhile Experience

Originally published in Hayes House Newsletter, Summer 2008 Issue

How to Turn Laundry Time Into a

Pleasant and Worthwhile Experience



To most of us, doing the laundry is not an activity we anticipate with glee.


However, here are a few ideas and suggestions that might turn it into a more pleasant experience for you and your neighbors.


1.   Our pets, as loved as they are, can make the Laundry Room a “danger zone” for those residents that are allergic to pet dander and pet hair. So please be respectful of our neighbors, especially those with allergies, and avoid bringing “your loved ones” with you the next time you visit the laundry room.

2. It can be tempting to use as many machines as possible to finish your laundry, but try to avoid using more than 3 machines even if others are empty. Starting many machines at once uses more water resources simultaneously, not to mention it has the potential to keep your neighbors waiting in-line for an open machine. If 3 people use 3 machines at once, inevitably someone will have to wait.


3.  It's always a good idea to use a timer while doing laundry; it can help notify you when the machine's cycle is near its end. This can reduce waiting time for open machines during peak usage and eliminate the not-so pleasant prospect of removing someone's wet laundry or having someone rummage through yours.


4. Our washing machines are energy and water efficient.  You may want to consider using detergent formulated especially for use in these types of machines.  This can be a money-saver for you, provide cleaner cloths and save additional chemicals from polluting our environment. You can  also help the environment more by recycling your empty detergent containers in the recycling bin located inside the laundry room. 


5. It is important to note that most of our machines are front-loading. In order to prevent any accidents, their doors lock until the washing cycle has terminated.  Please avoid trying to force the doors open while the washing cycle is in progress. This can result in damage to the machine and cause water to spill all over the floor.


6.  The dryers can be made more energy efficient while extending your clothes' longevity. You can significantly reduce energy consumption if you choose the middle setting for dryers, this of course can help your clothes last longer and look better because it exposes the fabric to less intense heat.  For items that require ironing, slightly damp cloths offer superior end-results and reduce ironing time considerably.


7.  It's always better when you use clean machines. In case of the washing machines, try and clean any liquid spillage which you may have caused. The dryer's lint tray is  another area that needs your attention. Cleaning the lint tray can help the machine operate properly and leave a better starting point for the next user.


8. Inevitably you may run across a machine that is not working properly and needs repair. Simply place an "out of order" sign on top of the machine and call the vendor (MacGray) to advise them of the situation.


9.  It's advisable to print your unit number on your laundry card. Should you find your neighbor's laundry card in one of the machines, please return it to the doorman indicating the time & date you found the card in the room.      

If we all follow some simple precautions and use our better judgment, we can turn the Hayes House Laundry Room into a great place to meet your neighbors, make new friends and, of course, do your laundry.

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